Save money on your Toyota's next oil change! We use the highest quality synthetic oil at our dealership - serving Greenville, Spartanburg, Anderson and Greer SC.

What is the difference between a conventional and synthetic oil change? Synthetic oil is broken down more than conventional oil, meaning that more of the impurities that are found in crude oil are removed when it is formulated. In addition, an additive blend is put in to better work with today's engine types - ensuring that your engine stays cleaner in the long run, doesn't wear down as quickly, and is able to adapt to whatever temperatures you may face. There are two types: synthetic blend and full synthetic. The most common kinds are 0W-20, 0W-30, 10W-40 and 5W-20.

How often should you change synthetic oil?

That depends on your driving conditions. In vehicles in which it's required to use 0W-20 synthetic oil, according to Toyota, you can go as many as 10,000 miles and up to 12 months before your next oil change. If 0W-20 oil is an option, it's recommended by Toyota to have it changed every 5,000 miles or every six months. However, every vehicle is different in its needs, so your best course of action is to consult with a member of our service team to help guide you in how often your synthetic oil needs to be changed. If the time comes for you to get it changed, our team at Toyota of Greenville is here to help, so call or visit us today!