Why Buy Four Tires?

Toyota Tire Care 

Why Buy Four Tires?

When you are in need of a tire replacement, we recommend replacing all four tires at the same time. When the construction, tread design, tread depth and tire type of all four tires on your vehicle match, the reaction of your tires to road conditions and driving stress will be completely uniform.

Replacing Less than Four Tires

  • Be sure to match the size, construction and tire type of the older tires as closely as possible.    
  • If you are not in the market for four tires, we recommend purchasing no less than two.    
  • The two new tires should always be installed on the rear axle of any vehicle. If you are only replacing one tire, select the older tire with the deepest tread and install it along with the new tire on the rear axle.

Why must the new tires always be installed on the rear?

The deeper grooves in the tread of the new tires effectively evacuate water away from the tire's surface, creating better traction and greater hydroplaning resistance on wet roads.
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