Toyota Tire Care

Tire Class Information

Easy. The way you use your vehicle determines which class of tire you will need. For example if the bulk of your driving is related to commuting, an All Season tire is all you need.

Consider how and where you drive your vehicle and select your tire options from the Pep Boy's categories below:


All-Season tires are suitable for year-round driving in all weather conditions.

Summer-Only & Max Performance

Summer-Only & Max Performance tires are specifically designed for high-performance driving. Tire compound, tread design and speed ratings all combine to deliver better road- holding and power transfer. Be aware that the compound and tread design of Summer tires make them less than ideal for winter road conditions.

Extreme Performance Summer

While you'll get extreme dry-street performance, be willing to trade some comfort and noise reduction.


Winter-Use tires have been developed with compounds and tread patterns specially created for better grip on snow or icy road surfaces. They are not suitable for year-round use since the rubber compound used wears more quickly on dry, summer roads. Winter-Use tires should always be sold in sets of four.