Toyota Tire Care

Replacing Tires on an All-Wheel Drive Vehicle

It is recommended to replace your tires in sets of four for all vehicles but particularly important for all-wheel drive vehicles. All four tires should be the same brand, tread design, size, construction and tread depth to prevent differences in the outside diameter of each tire.

In vehicles equipped with all-wheel drive (AWD) systems, the transfer case and the car's internal computer work together to send power out to each wheel. The amount of power-per-wheel can vary, depending on each wheel's individual work load.

So the amount of power the internal computer sends to each tire - based on what your AWD vehicle needs to go down the road - helps to manage how hard these components are working.

With inconsistent outside diameters caused by different tire sizes, tread patterns or tread depths an AWD computer's readings will fluctuate. Various wheels will receive inefficient or incorrect power loads. As a result the drivetrain (computer, transmission and transfer case) must constantly readjust, doing more work than necessary and eventually, may break down.

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