Pothole Damage to Tires

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Pothole Damage to Tires

Potholes are quite a nuisance to our everyday routines and can be dangerous to ourselves and damaging to our cars.

We've compiled a list on how to reduce and avoid pothole damage and how to take care of any damage that is caused.

Keep Your Tires' Air Pressure on Par

Your tires must be inflated at the rating that is recommended by your owner's vehicle manual. This will ensure that your properly inflated tires are best prepared for those unwanted pavement dips.

Back it Up

Not only should you avoid following too closely the car in front of you, but you should always keep a close eye on what's happening in front of you. By keeping a distance between yourself and the car in front of you, you can see how their car is responding to the potentially bumpy roads so that you yourself can avoid any harmful potholes.

Reduce Your Need For Speed

It's important to be mindful of how fast you're driving on broken pavement. One quick burst of speed could lead to a new tire, especially in inclement weather.
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