Toyota Tire Care

Safety Ratings for Light Trucks & Some SUVs: Load Range

Here's some additional info on how your tires are constructed and the job they're supposed to do.

Load Range describes a tire's ability to carry a maximum load at an industry-specified inflation pressure without loss of performance.

Most radial light truck tires actually have one steel and/or two or three fabric body plies.

  • Standard load P-metric will not show a load range but rather a load index like a passenger tire.   
  • Extra load P-Metric will be identified with an XL, as in P235/75R15XL   
  • Light truck (LT) and flotation tires have their load range listed with a letter, as in LT235/85R16/E or 31x10.50R15/C

The actual load the vehicle can safely carry is based on not only the load range or index of a tire, but also proper inflation. A Coggin DeLand Honda associate will be happy to answer specific questions using our vehicle specific guides.