How To Buy Winter Chains For Your Toyota


Do You Need Winter Chains for Your Tires?

Tire chains improve your vehicle's traction on icy roads and mountainous inclines. In select areas where these conditions are more common, tire chains are sometimes mandated for driving safety. However, tire chains can cause damage to the body of your car and to roadways if they aren't used properly or for their intended purpose.

If you live in a warm area where snow is rare and roads hardly ever freeze over, chances are you'll never require the use of tire chains. On normal roadways, these chains will not provide additional traction, but will cause sharp pressure to both the road and to the tread of your tires instead, resulting in potholes for the road and faster tread damage to your tires.

However, if you live in frigid climates with frequent snowfall, tire chains are extremely important. Tire chains grip surfaces with bad friction, which allows your tires to rotate your tires normally and help minimize the skidding effect that comes with braking on patches of ice. They become even more important if you are driving on steep hills or inclines during the winter months.

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