Have You Serviced Your Car Lately?

Summer is usually one of the biggest traveling seasons, so there's a good chance that your car may need to be serviced. Scheduled maintenance checks should be done around every 10,000-miles or less, but many services are best done in preparation for the changing seasons. Your vehicle manufacturer's recommendation and warranty requirements may differ, so make sure to consult your owner's manual for additional information.

Check Your Battery

High temperatures in summer can harm your car's battery, causing the fluid to evaporate and your battery to drain. Car batteries can last up to five years, but high summer temperatures can cause fluid to evaporate and your battery to drain. Don't get stranded on the road.

Replace Wiper Blades

Wiper blades should be replaced every autumn and spring, or every six months, depending on where you are located. If you live in an area with rough winter conditions, it's best to get your wiper blades replaced in the autumn.

Restore Your Headlights

Inspect all lights and bulbs, and make sure to replace any that are burnt out. Sometimes, all your headlights need are a good polishing to make them look as good as new.

Change Your Oil

Motor oil is the essence of your vehicle's engine. If you frequently drive in stop-and-go traffic, it is vital to change your oil at least three times a year, or follow your manufacturer's recommendations.

Check Your Cooling System

Your cooling system works to control your engine's temperature for optimal performance. In addition to performing frequent coolant flushes, you should also check the level, condition and concentration of the coolant.

Check Your Heater

In order to be safe and comfortable in the approaching colder seasons, have your heating system inspected to ensure it is working properly.

Check Your Tires

Cold weather deeply affects tire pressure. Properly inflated tires gives you better handling, increased fuel efficiency, even tread wear, traction and a more comfortable ride overall. Stay safe this winter and stop in for a free tire pressure check.

Detail Your Car

This is the best time to give your car a nice fresh cleaning and detailing at home, while the weather is still nice. Everyone loves a clean car, and you'll be happy you did it.