The Advantages of an AGM Battery


Is An AGM Battery Right For You?

It's important to be informed about the options that exist to improve your vehicle's reliability and performance because it helps to guide you to make the right decision. Many vehicle manufacturers are moving towards a newer battery technology that offers numerous advantages to today's drivers. This car battery technology, commonly known as AGM (absorbent glass mat), delivers an effective and efficient upgrade to performance, durability, traditional battery design, and lifespan.


AGM Battery

Flooded Lead Acid Battery

  • Advanced battery technology   
  • Reliable upgrade to any flooded lead acid battery   
  • Product life lasts up to two times longer   
  • Extremely heat and cold tolerant   
  • Ideal for vehicles equipped with lots of electronics   
  • Slower discharge in storage   
  • outstanding vibration resistance  
  • No free-flowing electrolyte or spill hazard   
  • A high performance alternative   
  • Excellent ability to tolerate deep cycling   
  • Shorter battery life   
  • Less tolerant of heat, cold and vibration   
  • Faster discharge   
  • Contains free-flowing electrolyte   
  • Poses a spill hazard   
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