Questions For Your Service Advisor


One of everyone's least favorite things to do is take their car in for service. It doesn't have to be a big hassle or annoyance with Toyota of Greenville. If you learn the right questions to ask before a car service appointment. The best way to receive peace of mind is to be in the know.

Do You Specialize in My Car's Make?

Before you even make an appointment, call the Toyota of Greenville service center and see if we are equipped to service your make and model. Toyota of Greenville is equipped to handle any and every make and model vehicle, not just Toyota.

Can I Have a Written Estimate?

Always ask to have a written estimate before you have work done on your car. Especially in cases that aren't a routine check-up that you signed off on. This way, a service technician will have to call you to see if it's okay to perform more work on your car than you previously agreed to.

What is the Warranty on Parts & Labor?

There's a possibility that some of your vehicle's parts have a warranty, especially if this particular part was recently fixed or if your car is brand new. Once you know what is happening with your car, be sure to ask about warranties you may have or signed up for in the past.

What Repairs Are Absolutely Necessary?

Even though some repairs may not be considered necessary at the time, there are many scheduled maintenance items, such as coolant exchanges, brake fluid exchanges, air filter or cabin filter replacements, that need to be replaced based on the manufacturer's recommended timeframe. These can all be found in your owner's manual or the team at Toyota of Greenville can give these for you, if needed. Though they may not feel necessary at the time, long-term delaying of these may cause more expensive repairs down the line.

Can You Show Me What is Wrong?

If you are in our store and want to see what is being done to your car, feel free to ask any service associate and they will be happy to show you exactly what repairs are being done to your car, truck, or SUV.

When Will the Repair Be Done?

The answer to this question can sometimes be tricky. The smartest thing you can do is to ask if the repairs or service job will take over an hour. This way you know to ask a friend or family member to carpool with you, so that you're not stuck waiting for hours for your car to be ready.

What Repairs or Scheduled Maintenance Do I Have Coming Up?

Each car has a different maintenance schedule. At certain mile markers, a multitude of parts need to be checked and/or replaced. Ask the service center when you should come back for your next check. This way you can help avoid having any potential service issues in the future.

Will I Receive a Complete Report?

After every service session, there should be a write up that explains the break-down of costs and what was done to your vehicle. Always make sure to look this over before you pay, so that you can ensure everything is right before you leave.

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