Keep Your Engine


Keeping a well-tuned engine as recommended by your vehicle's manufacturer can lower the risk of having to perform major maintenance. From regularly changing your oil to replacing your air filters at correct intervals, there are a number of maintenance functions you can perform regularly to keep your vehicle running perfectly.

If you don't usually perform these tasks yourself, bring your car to a professional Toyota of Greenville technician to help ensure the long life of your vehicle.

Common Warnings That Your Engine Needs Service

Loss of power

Your vehicle's engine performance can be affected by a number of things including lack of gasoline, a filthy air filter, or bad spark plugs to name just a few. This can cause your car to jerk or hesitate, making it difficult to climb hills and push to its fullest speed performance potential.

If you're a DIYer, change your air filter and replace old spark plugs to add a little more life to your engine. Spark plugs help ignite the explosive mixture needed to fuel your car's engine. As they burn out your engine's loses power.

Drop in Gas Mileage

A drop in fuel economy is equivalent to throwing money away. To keep the moving parts of your engine lubricated, change your oil as recommended to optimize your vehicle's mileage. If you wait too long for an oil change, you allow your engine to build up with harmful sludge that can damage its components and affect your engine's performance.

The worst time to have poor engine performance is during the winter when it takes longer for your engine to reach the temperature required for your fuel to be efficient. Leaving your car idle during the cold seasons to warm-up will force your car to burn more fuel.

Prepare for the winter season at Toyota of Greenville. We'll inspect your tires, brakes, battery, and top off your fluid for unexpected cold weather conditions.

Engine Knocking

Carbon deposits in your engine can also weigh down your car, truck, or SUV's performance. These deposits are often the cause of that annoying knocking or pinging noise you hear. The fuel you put into your vehicle is required to have a certain level of carbon cleaning detergent to stop deposits from forming, but sometimes that's just not enough. This becomes a problem because it reduces the amount of space you have in your gas cylinder, which increases compression causing your car to knock.

If this is a problem you cannot solve on your own, bring your car to Toyota of Greenville.

Exhaust Odor

If your car emits an unpleasant or unusual smell while you're idling, then it could be your serpentine belt has burned out or rusted. To add more life to your engine and its cooling system, get your oil changed regularly to prevent your belt from getting loose or snapping causing your car to become overheated. A broken belt can prevent your air alternator and power steering from working effectively, bringing your engine to a complete stop. Check your serpentine belt for cracks and debris regularly, and change your belt as recommended by your car's manufacturer.

Check Engine Light

Your check engine light engages for a number of reasons including faulty oxygen sensors, cylinder misfires, an insufficient EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) flows, or a lose gas cap. Today's technology allows us to stop the guessing game with your vehicle's health status.

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