Cleaning Fuel Injectors


Keep Your Fuel Injectors Running Cleanly

Fuel injectors inject or spray fuel into the internal combustion engine in extremely precise amounts. Injectors consist of an electrical coil and nozzle, through which fuel is directed to the combustion chamber. Over time, combustion blow-by and fuel contaminates build up in the nozzle, causing the spray patterns to lose precision, resulting in decline in engine performance, loss of fuel efficiency, and unacceptable levels of emissions. Common symptoms of this clogging include misfires, hesitation and sputtering. For optimal performance, fuel injectors should be cleaned every 15,000 miles or when a decrease in performance is noticed.

Keeping fuel injectors clean is much simpler and less expensive than servicing them when they become a problem. Prevention involves using a quality fuel system cleaner. These are additive products specifically designed to clean gasoline fuel injectors and related components in just one tank. These additives are available for both gasoline- and diesel-fueled engines. All you have to do is dump a bottle of fuel injector cleaner in your full tank of gas and allow it to complete the cleaning process as you drive. Fuel injector cleaner can remove deposits from clogged fuel injectors while increasing fuel performance and reducing emissions.

Your vehicle's injectors and its fuel system are what keeps your engine revving and on the move. If you are experiencing misfires and sputtering, there may be a clogging issue that is beyond what the pour-in cleaners can address. Professional technicians use special pressurized cleaning systems to aggressively remove stubborn deposits. Make an appointment and stop by Toyota of Greenville to let our professional technicians address the difficult cases.

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