Flushing and Filling Coolant


A coolant flush and fill is basic maintenance for your vehicle's cooling system, and will help ensure maximum performance from your car, truck, or SUV.

Since the heating system works off of the same coolant that circulates throughout your engine, performing a coolant flush and fill will also prevent overheating, the most common cause of breakdowns and internal engine damage.

Check your vehicle's owner's manual to see the recommended interval for changing your antifreeze and flushing your coolant system. New antifreeze will help your car's engine run cooler, and flushing it will remove any rust, sediment or dirt which may damage the water pump and clog the engine water jacket and radiator.

If you're a DIYer, be sure to follow the instructions for maintenance listed in your owner's manual. Make sure to get rid of used antifreeze according to your local laws and regulations. Use a closed container to store it, and never let used antifreeze drain onto the ground or into storm drains. Remember, antifreeze is toxic. Keep it away from children and animals!

Consider using a flush solution, which can remove much more dirt and rust than regular water alone. Ask your Toyota of Greenville sales associate to help you find the best flush solution and antifreeze for your car.

Also, an extra container of antifreeze should be part of every car's emergency kit in case you experience a leak. Toyota of Greenville carries a wide variety of antifreezes to suit your individual needs. Make certain you know which antifreeze is designated for your vehicle. Check your owner's manual or ask a Toyota of Greenville service associate for the proper type and quantity.

Finally, if you are unable to work on your car, or you simply don't have time to do it yourself, bring it to us. Toyota of Greenville's certified technicians are happy to do the job and have you back on the road with a properly maintained heating and cooling system in no time!
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