Belt and Hose Warning Signs

Belts and hoses often go unnoticed, but they're vitally important to the operation of your car. If they stop working, your engine stops working. The problem is, there's no real clear cut warning signs to alert you to when something goes wrong. Be sure to visually check your belts and hoses, and bring your vehicle to Toyota of Greenville. Our certified, professional service staff can spot what's wrong, fix it, and get you back safely on the road.


Your vehicle's engine needs several hoses to run correctly.

  • Top Radiator Hose - distributes engine coolant to radiator; for reducing temperature of coolant
  • Bottom Radiator Hose - after fluid cools, returns it to water pump and distributes it through engine
  • Bypass Hose - distributes cold fluid from water pump; allows fluid to bypass thermostat; helps engine warm up faster and regulates engine temperature
  • Heater Hose - keeps hot coolant running to/from passenger compartment heating system
  • Be sure to watch for hoses that might be broken or cracked, lack flexibility, swollen, bulged, or are leaking fluids. These are significant warning signs.


V-Belts (or serpentine belts) control your vehicle's accessories. They wind around the engine and power many important parts, like alternators, water pumps, cooling fans, power steering. It's important to make sure these are in tact - if any of these break, you could be looking at significant repairs.

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