Driving Green

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Ready to Join the Go Green Initiative?


Driving green not only helps the environment, it actually helps you save money!

Fill it Up Right

Avoid making special trips just to fill up your gas tank. Try filling up on your way home from work or when you're already out.

Avoid Speeding & Drag

The key to conserving energy is gradual acceleration, not flooring it as soon as the light turns green.

Avoid Idling

If you're waiting for longer than 30 seconds, it's best to turn off your engine. If the weather calls for heat or cooling, then try waiting inside a building instead.

Open Your Windows

Before you decide to crank that air conditioner, roll down your windows. If it's too hot for the open-air treatment, putting down your windows will help your car cool down in half the time.

Fuel Efficiency

The best way to reduce fuel emissions is to invest in a hybrid car, which typically last 40+ miles per gallon.


Whether you're driving your kids to soccer practice or hanging out with friends on the weekend, hitch a ride with your surrounding neighbors rather than everyone driving separately.

Push & Coast

When you're approaching a red light, accelerating and braking at the last minute is a complete waste of gas. Instead, coast with your foot off the gas until you approach the light or car in front of you.

Check Your Tires

It's proven that properly-filled tires give your car the best fuel efficiency, which leads to less gas spending.

Service Your Car

A properly working car is a green car. Routinely check your oil and battery to avoid issues in the future and to ensure your car isn't emitting harmful gases.

Ride Your Bike

If you live in the city, bike-share programs are popping up all over and are a great way to exercise and stay green.

Take Public Transit

Minimalize your carbon footprint completely by utilizing public transit. This method could save you time, stress and money.
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