How To Maintain Leather Seats

Toyota Interior/Exterior Care 

Maintain Your Leather Seats

 Leather interior is like nothing else, and the look, smell and feel is a luxury all on its own. However, leather is delicate and it's important that leather seats be maintained and cared for over the years to prevent rapid aging and cracking.   

Keep Your Leather Fresh

  Your leather seats can never be too fresh or clean! In fact, leather needs to be maintained regularly in order to keep the smooth texture and shine. Without the proper care and conditioning, your leather interior may begin to crack and dry out, which can lower your car, truck, or SUV's value.    

Preserve Your Leather Seats

   Fortunately, it's easy to preserve your leather seats. First, vacuum your seats to remove surface dirt. Then you'll need a cleansing conditioner and a couple of microfiber towels. When choosing a conditioner, make sure you're selecting a water based, pH balance solution.Once you have these tools, you'll be ready to start providing your leather with the conditioning it needs to keep its fresh look and feel.
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