Ding & Dent Repair

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Do-It-Yourself Ding & Dent Repair

 Dents and dings on your car, truck or SUV are inevitable and they're inevitable in the car ownership world. Fortunately, ding and dent repair is pretty easy and affordable. If you're looking to take the reins and do it yourself, look no further than our helpful guide below.  
  1. First, assess the damage. If there is paint missing or the metal is creased or crumpled, your DIY plan might be foiled, and you may have to take your car to Toyota of Greenville's body shop.
  2. Before you begin, make sure to complete a full wash of the area, so there's no excess particles that might interfere and harm the suction process or the paint finish.
  3. The suction cup method is the most used technique for getting dents back in place. You can do this quickly with a dent puller, which is perfect for removing shallow dents from your car. To use it, you need to push the suction cup directly into the middle of the dent, making sure that you have a strong suction. Next, lock the car dent puller by pushing the handles together. Once it's locked in place, you can start to pull the dent out using hand power. This process has to be done with firm and steady precision, yanking it out will not do the trick.
  4. Hammering out the dents is another common method used by the DIYer. You will need a rubber mallet and an old towel (or other cushioning fabric). Wrap the mallet in the fabric before slowly and deliberately working to tap the ding back into place. If possible, try hammering out the dent from the inside of the metal.
  5. Wall guards are a great way to prevent dings and dents on your bumper. This guard is especially handy for those who frequently parallel park in tight spots.
  6. If your dent is in need of some paint repair from scratching. We sell a variety of scratch removal kits and paint to touch up your ride.
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