Cleaning Your Rims

Toyota Interior/Exterior Tips 

Clean Your Rims Today!

 Cleaning wheels is pretty easy when you have the right supplies. Toyota of Greenville recommends a softer brush because it is more thorough than a cloth or towel and won't risk scratching your rims the way a tougher brush would. Use a separate bucket for washing and rinsing so you do not scrub contaminants back on to the wheel that you just scrubbed off.
  1. Soak a brush in a bucket filled with soap and water for a few minutes before you get started to soften the brush's bristles and allows the soap to sink in.  
  2. Spray the entire surface of each rim with your rim cleaning solution. Let the solution sit for a few minutes so that it can react with the dirt that has accumulated. You will see the particles of brake dust begin to drip down the wheel with the solution, which makes it easier to scrub off.   
  3. From here, you can begin to scrub the surface of each rim in circular motions with slight pressure. As the brush begins to fill with brake dust, dirt, water and solution, rinse it in the water bucket before applying soap and water to the brush agin.

Rims Not Worth Cleaning? Get Some New Wheels!

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