2005-2006 Toyota Sequoia Curtain Shield Airbag Recall in Greenville

IMPORTANT! 2005 and 2006 Toyota Sequoia Owners: you may be affected! For more information, fill out the form below. Please contact the dealership for parts availability.

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Toyota has announced a recall for certain 2005-2006 model year Sequoias. It has been determined that the vehicle's curtain shield airbags may activate when not necessary, putting the vehicle's occupant at risk of injury.

How many cars are affected?
It has been reported that around 71,300 Sequoia vehicles - produced from early August 2004 to late June 2006 - are covered by this safety recall.

When will there be a remedy for this issue?
Toyota anticipates that a remedy for this issue, which will consist of the airbag's control module being replaced, will be ready in September 2016.
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