Everyone expects their car, truck, or SUV to have a straight steering wheel and drive in a straight line unless they're turning.

In a turn, the vehicle should travel only where it's steered and return to center when you complete the turn.

This seems to be such a common idea that we often take suspension and wheel alignment for granted. Because of this, many drivers forget about or neglect their wheel alignment until there is a problem.

If you experience any of the symptoms below, bring your car into Toyota of Greenville for an alignment inspection.

  • Your steering wheel is not straight when driving on a level road   
  • You hear unusual noises in your suspension system   
  • The vehicle wanders from one side of a lane to the other   
  • Your vehicle pulls or drifts to one side when traveling in a straight line or when braking   
  • You feel vibration in the steering wheel or through your vehicle's seat   
  • The vehicle's steering feels loose   
  • You haven't had a wheel alignment in a long period of time   
  • Your tires are wearing unevenly   
  • Tires are squealing on turns   
  • The steering wheel does not return easily after a turn.

Correct alignment is vital to safely driving your vehicle, extending tire life, braking stability, and ensuring a comfortable ride. The complexity of suspension systems requires precise measurements at all four wheels and careful adjustments. Many vehicle service centers will only suggest or offer front wheel alignment. However, the nationally-certified technicians at Toyota of Greenville recommend all four wheels receive a computerized analysis to ensure maximum alignment accuracy of your vehicle's complete suspension.

It is extremely important that your vehicle's front wheels are aligned to the rear wheels. Only aligning the front will not take the rear wheel into consideration, causing crooked steering and an ill-handling vehicle.

When you require inspection, adjustment, or repairs, trust Toyota of Greenville.