Traveling With Pets

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Traveling with Your Pet

Your pets are your often like a member of the family, and taking them on the road with you only makes sense. Check out these handy tips to make the most of your road trips with your animal friend.

Buy Seat Protectors

Just because your friend has fur doesn't mean your seats have to have fur, too.  

Be Ready for Accidents

Most pets aren't used to constant motion, and they could get scared or have an accident. Carpet cleaner will get rid of the mess like it never even happened.     

Brush & Hair Remover

If your pet is a big shedder, giving them a quick brush before you leave can help eliminate any extra shedding. The hair remover will also help keep your interior free of pesky pet hair.         

Take Breaks Every Hour

If you're taking a longer trip, make sure to take frequent breaks so that your pet gets a chance to stretch out and use the bathroom. Also, bring water so they don't get dehydrated.           

Lock Your Windows

Take note of your pet's height and adjust the window accordingly. Keep the windows locked once you find that height, so that they don't press on the adjuster and get stuck. Or even worse, jump out.
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