Expect a Busy Holiday Travel Season


The jingle bells are ringing, the trees are trim, and Santa’s getting ready to fill his sleigh. That’s right. The busy holiday travel season is upon us and this year, AAA is forecasting that more than one-third of Americans will be traveling for the festivities. That’s an increase of 4.4 percent over last year and it’s also the largest increase since AAA has been tracking holiday travel, dating back to 2001. Oh and thanks to the increased number of Americans who will be found on the road this year, it is also estimated that travel times in the most congested cities could increase as much as four times as a normal day. Eek!

The majority of travelers this year will be doing so by vehicle, therefore, it is expected that most drivers will experience the greatest amount of congestion prior to the actual holiday week, not during the week of the holiday. The holiday rush will start on Wednesday, December 19, as both regular commuters and holiday travelers mix together on the roadways. Keep in mind though that the worst day to travel will actually be on Thursday, December 20. So, if you are driving to your holiday destination this year, make sure you leave bright and early, or if you can, hit the roads following the typical commuting hours.

Causing the increased traffic is the relatively inexpensive gas pricing. Making it even more attractive is that as the holiday season has approached, gas prices have actually dropped down to the cheapest they’ve been this whole year. So, when you combine that fact with a higher disposable income, it means more of drivers will be hitting the roads to celebrate the season.

Now, if you’re going to be one of those who will be hitting the roads over the next week, remember to pack your patience, make sure you have the holiday music ready to go, oh and you absolutely want to make sure your car is ready for the drive. That’s where our service department can help! Make sure you get your car in to see us before you hit the roads. Click here to schedule your appointment at Toyota of Greenville today.

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