Toyota of Greenville Goes Pink For Breast Cancer Awareness


It is Breast Cancer Awareness month. That means that this October, Toyota of Greenville is going pink as we help to raise awareness for breast cancer research and support.

Breast cancer’s reach is vast and because of that, it is something that affects each and every one of our lives in one way or another. It’s not just women that are impacted; entire families are affected by this disease. While we’re making progress, the numbers are still high. One in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime. Therefore we have a mission to help those who are feel the impact of breast cancer through both education and early detection. Education about breast health is huge. You should make sure to take advantage of free resources and screenings. For those who are diagnosed, we should all make sure that we are a supportive hand to those who walk through the complex and confusing world of the cancer care system.

Early detection is key for breast cancer survival. You should be aware of early warning symptoms and signs by performing breast self-exams each and every month. In addition, make sure that you’re getting your breast exam and mammograms from a qualified heath professional each year. During these wellness checks, healthcare professionals will check for lumps and any other physical changes that may need to be investigated further. 

If you’re looking to help reduce your risk of breast cancer, you should attempt to maintain a healthy weight, stay physically active, don’t smoke, eat fruits and veggies, and limit alcohol intake.

For those looking to help the cause, we invite you to become inspired. Help with the cause by creating a fundraising campaign. Some ideas are to do a charity walk, volunteer with a nationally recognized charity, have a bake sale, raise funds through sports teams, and more. We can all help the woman and men who are impacted at every step of the breast cancer journey. 

For more information about how you can help raise awareness, visit the National Breast Cancer Foundation’s website. Together, we can help women now. 

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